Friday, April 5, 2013

Maggie Rose

Unlike the previous 2 pregnancies, we actually had to make an effort to get pregnant this time.  Thankfully it didn't take too long, but I think my body is starting to show it's age.

I was a nervous wreck when we first got pregnant.  My OB was great though and did a few extra sonograms at the beginning to make sure baby was growing, had a good heart beat, and to keep me from completely losing my shit.

 photo 506c2e44aab41147fe793d41d8f91fb6.jpg

We went to Sea World when I was somewhere around 7 weeks with my family.  I was so green, it was miserable.  We really debated about telling anyone about the pregnancy before 13 weeks after our last experience of losing the baby at 13 weeks, even though the doc was confident that everything was going to be fine.  But because we were all together and I was afraid I was going to be tossing my cookies anyways, it seemed like the right time.  And here is the video of us telling them:

It's still hard for me to watch that.  Only 9 days after this was taken, my mom went into the hospital and then passed away.  She was so excited!  The last conversation I had with her was her begging me to tell my dad so that she could spread the news.  I didn't want her to spread the news so I didn't tell her that my dad already knew.  But you have no idea how glad I am that we spilled the beans early.  I was annoyed that she wanted to tell people after I had told her that we didn't want anyone but immediate family knowing, but I am so glad that she knew. 

I pretty much knew from the start that it was a girl.  Just like I knew Jack was a boy.  My mom said that she just knew with both my brother and I too.  I would have put money on it.  But we are naming her Maggie after my mom.  Her name was Gail Margret, and her nick name was Maggie.  We tossed around the idea of naming her Margret but calling her Maggie but we figured since we are just going to call her Maggie anyways, we will just name her Maggie to begin with.  Rose is my grandmother's name, my mom's mom, who is still with us.  

Of course I was worried about what the stress of my mom's death would have on the baby, but she has done great so far so we are assuming that all is well in there.  We also did a detailed heart ultrasound a few weeks ago just to make sure she doesn't have any heart tumors, which would be an indicator of TSC.  She looks great though.  We will look her over with a woods lamp when she is born to make sure she doesn't have any of the skin markings.

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The first trimester I was sick and my mom died.  That is really enough said.  The second was a little better.  I didn't have to take nausea meds more than once a day.  We took a trip to Mexico which was super fun.  And I started to feel baby move around 18 weeks, which was (and still is) great.

 photo 166d4ae37d20255a402775ca994649a7.jpg

Tiny little dresses from Mexico!  I'm not a girlie girl dress kind of person.  Maggie will be wearing a lot of Jack's old baby clothes and the few other things I have picked out are all NOT PINK, but these were just too cute. 

 photo 596f13e6a3b038e61ca8727ac1c09510.jpg

And the 3rd trimester... well, it sucks.  2 of my friends thew me an awesome baby sprinkle, which was super fun.  I am so ready to be done.  Mostly because I can't do as much for Jack as I usually can and would like to and after baby comes I can eventually get back to being able to care for him like usual.  My body has actually held up better this time to pregnancy, probably because I was in better shape.  I have however reached the point where I grown every time I stand up, I can't sleep hardly at all (don't even get me started on why our bodies think it is necessary to "prepare" us for having a newborn by not letting us sleep.  HELLO, nothing can really prepare you for it!  Starting out sleep deprived doesn't help!)  I am also puking again on occasion, which is just lovely.

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On Tuesday I will be 35 weeks, which means 2 weeks until full-term.  But knowing that I went to 40 weeks 3 days with Jack, I will likely be pregnant forever this time!  Or at least it feels that way.  But I can't wait to have my baby girl here safe and in my arms.  Then the real fun begins!

 photo BellyMaggie.jpg

"I'm 4, not 3 anymore"

Jack is very happy that he is four.  Actually he is already talking about turning 5 next year.  He keeps talking about how he is getting all the way big.  And he is growing like a weed!  He hasn't gained any weight in the last 6 months, he's holding steady at 42 lbs, but he grew 2 inches in three months.  He is getting very tall and turning into quite the little boy. 

The last year has been filled with a lot of firsts.  His first sleep-over without us; His first out-of-country vacation; leaps and bounds in his language skills; and really forming friends and being aware of other people's feelings.  

He loves his cousins.  Really, those are the people he asks to be with most.  And his Papa and his best friend Ellie.  His social calendar would be filled every day if I let it :-)  

He was getting really tired by the end of the party, and then we had 26 people at our house for Easter dinner and a huge egg hunt.  We are still finding eggs in the yard :-)  Jack thinks it's great!  Me, well, a day like that at this stage of pregnancy was not the smartest idea.  

Jack can't wait to be a big brother.  He knew we were going to have his birthday, then daddy's birthday, then mommy's birthday, and then the baby will be joining us.  We are just stacking all of the birthdays on top of each other. 

I am so proud of him and how far he has come in the last year.  He is an amazing little boy and I am so lucky to be his mom!